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Raccoon procyon lotor
Raccoons are cute but deadly!
Removal of Raccoon Feces Removal
Between Drywall Ceiling and Roof Timbers and in Roof Overhangs

Usually, raccoons inhabit and leave dangerous poop (feces) in attics and crawl spaces, but EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC, recently discovered and removed extensive raccoon poop deposits between the drywall ceiling and the roof timbers of a cathedral (angled) ceiling plus in the roof overhangs in a home in Painesville, Ohio, in August, 2015.  See pictures of that raccoon poop infestation on this page.

To hire raccoon feces removal in your residence or commercial building anywhere in midwestern or eastern USA, email Phillip Fry phil@moldinspector.com or phone toll-free
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Picture of raccoon poop feces contamination of Ohio residence.
Pictures of raccoon feces and poop in an Ohio home attic.
Extensive raccoon feces  infestation in a home in Painesville, Ohio, for which poop removal services were done by EnviroFry Upkeep Masters, LLC, in August, 2015.
Picture of raccoon poop found in roof overhang.
Huge amount of raccoon poop in just one section of roof overhang.
Picture of raccoon poop in attic of Ohio home

Picture after removal of raccoon feces.
Pictures of raccoon feces removed from roof overhang in Ohio house.
Raccoon poop removed from the overhang of a Painesville, Ohio, residence in August, 2015, by EnviroFry Upkeep Masters., LLC

Picture after removal of raccoon feces.

Picture after removal of raccoon feces and during the high output
ozone treatment to sanitize the removal areas.

Picture after removal of raccoon feces.

Picture after removal of racoon feces.

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